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Types of bricks used in making brick walls

Brick Wall Guys deals in several types of bricks which are very effective in the setting up of brick walls. These bricks include; Fired brick which are burned in a kiln to enhance their stability and durability, there are made when clay is dried, pressed and extruded. We also deal in chemically set bricks which are not necessarily fired but may have the curing processaccelerated by the application of heat and pressure in the autoclave. Brick Wall Guys also stocks concrete bricks which are made from sand and concrete using a simple and a basic assembly line.


Advantages of brick walls

brick walls are very strong and last for many years I their compact condition. B rick walls are able to withstand all extreme weather conditions, brick walls don’t fade,twist, rot or decay. brick walls take several generations before they age. brick walls have very minimal maintenance operations. They only need cleaning to keep your walls clean and tidy, they never require things like resealing nor repainting. Due to this benefit customers have always been flocking Brick Wall Guys to buy this brick walls.On our side we never disappoint since we always have enough stock for all our customers.


More advantages

brick walls have the best thermal performance, thermal performance is the ability of a material to retain heat energy when subjected to a temperature differentials, these plays a key role in stabilizing temperature swings, keeping the internal temperature in the comfort zone longer. brick walls can also accommodate different designs for the wall depending on the customer specifications.

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Brick Wall

We at Brick Wall Guys also offer construction, maintenance and repair services to clients who have already installed their walls. We always ensure that for efficient handling and laying, bricks must be small enough and light enough to be picked up by the bricklayer.Bricks are usually laid flat and as a result the effective limit on the width of a brick is set by the distance which can conveniently be spanned between the thumb and fingers of one hand. In most cases, the length of a brick is about twice its width. This allows bricks to be laid bonded in a structure which increases stability and strength.brick walls are built using alternating courses of stretchers, bricks laid longways, and headers, bricks laid crossways.

Brick Wall Guys also offers our bricks for wall construction in different colors depending on what the customer wants and the background and the building where the wall will be set. The correct brick for a job can be selected from a choice of color, surface texture, density, weight, absorption and pore structure, thermal characteristics, thermal and moisture movement, and fire resistance.

We at Brick Wall Guys have designers and brick makers create innovative sizes and shapes for bricks used for making the wall more unique and beautiful. We have a department set aside to specially cater for the needs of customers who want their bricks for their respective walls made in their own custom designs. We always ensure we deliver the best quality bricks and also offer the best installation and setting up services for the walls.

Customers can reach us on 888-384-4283 and we will be there to answer your questions on brick walls.

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